Autumn 2013 – Ontario Canada

Today may just have been the last sunny day of fall…but I hope not! The colours have been lovely- and the temperatures too. Everything has been crisp and clear. I love it! “They” tell us we are in for a long period of rain starting this weekend. I hope “they” are wrong because there is plenty of work to be done in the days ahead no matter how wet or cold things are.

Here are photos I took of some of the plants I love in their autumn “costumes”.

Asters border the flagstone path in front of our home2013-10-17flagstonePathAmsonia hubrechtii begins to change colour2013-10-12-AmsoniaHHonorine Jobert anemone with monkshood beyond2013-10-13AnemonesMonkshoodChocolate Eupatorium still in bloom2013-10-17ChocolateEupatoriumSome Epimediums have lovely Autumn hues2013-10-17EpimediumEuonymus europeus has fabulous berries at this time of year2013-10-17EuonymusEuropeusOur young fringe tree was moved this spring and seems to be doing well!2013-10-17FringeTreeI do love the pale yellow of the Ginkgo trees in late fall2013-10-17Ginkgo1Limelight Hydrangeas were outstanding and HUGE this year2013-10-17LimelightHydrangeaNative cornus trees grow everywhere near the creek2013-10-17nativeCornusThis is a native magnolia which suddenly turned yellow this week2013-10-17nativeMagnoliaThe redbuds look fabulous at this time of year…not just in springtime2013-10-17RedbudSpotty Dotty is a favourite at any season!2013-10-17SpottyDottyOur witchhazel was moved this past spring and is wonderful to watch in its new location!2013-10-17WitchhazelHigh hopes for this new addition, our young variegated Cornus alternifolia2013-10-17YoungVariegatedCornusAlternifoliaAnd this is the boss, Phoebe, who protects us from tigers….2013-10-17Phoebe


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