Fall surprise!


Our little maple has only been here at the farm for a year now, but look what it has been hiding! Whenever a bird lands on a newly planted specimen, I consider it a “real” tree, no longer a twig.  And so the robins turned this young stick into a colourful home for themselves back in spring, hiding it from us until now.

2013-10-18Tree1 2013-10-18Tree2 2013-10-18Tree3

A “real” tree deserves more than a common name.

Meet our Acer tataricum subsp. ginnala ‘Flame’.



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2 Responses to Fall surprise!

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    I love to plant trees and watch the wildlife they bring. We don’t get lots of nests in our trees–too many woods nearby. Love your nest in your new tree! Obviously the birds love it too!

  2. Elizabeth@dfeaton.com says:

    it happened…great colour and chosen by a bird

    have you decided to go to book club?

    the serviceberry bushes in the park chose to colour this late too.


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