November is Here

I’m trying to whip up enthusiasm, but the wet weather has me frustrated. We’ve had flooding here and that prevents me from preparing the garden for winter protection.


In the last few days we managed to clean up a bit more in the vegetable garden. Tonight we had the last of the fresh kale in a curried kale soup made with coconut milk. Nice! We also raked and raked under the walnut trees from He**. I allowed my husband to do practice hockey shots with them into our spruce tree windbreak too.


This afternoon I mowed the leaves into piles. There are more to do later on as well.  The firewood is not only stacked, but much has been used already. With the shortened hours of daylight, we read by the fire in the evening, accompanied by Phoebe dog. Phoebe has been groomed recently and so she doesn’t mind a bit of added warmth.


Today I was seduced into buying bulbs on sale on the web.  I’m going to be making layered plantings of them in containers this week and next. A little fun at this gloomy time of year with tulips, anemone blanda, crocus, early iris and fritillarias. It seems there is now an orange ‘Angelique’ so I must try it!  All this to counter the ugly fact that I must buy winter boots…

Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day with sunny moments for a while. I hope to be outside working away on the garden chores. Now that I am wearing “graduated lenses” the challenge is greater than before. Thank heavens for friends and their assistance! And also for a trip to look foreword to – visiting family at Christmastime!

Take a look at the foliage though. I’m enjoying it a great deal this fall!

An island bed


The red maple by the pond


One of our two Tamarack trees


Enkianthus is a lovely bush at this time of year




Viburnum ‘Shasta’


Ginkgo in a temporary spot


A small Stewartia keeping its foliage through several frosts


This year’s Hydrangeas were magnificent…and still are!


It is the time of year to hunt for beauty. It is still there to be found!


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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3 Responses to November is Here

  1. says:

    so much going on in your garden and the belle Phoebe she has a body like Henri just now you talked about changes in BC….they became visual on the news as they saw 1000 dolphins from a Ferry….you can see it on cbc news also …my garden radio show talked about changing the sex of a gingo tree….i had forgotten but the female trees bear fruit that is Stinky….someone had the neighbours complaining and wondered if a sex change was possible. l forgot to check.


  2. Alice Jordon says:

    Lots of beauty still to be found Marie. Great pictures!

  3. Mary Waind says:

    Snow on hydrangeas!
    All lovely, Marie.

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