Fun Stuff!

This morning three of us gathered together to work on cutting back perennials and general garden cleanup before starting on caging shrubs and mounding roses next week. Part of the fun was to plant bulbs. My friend Sandra convinced me to buy more bulbs on sale and try layering them in containers for spring fun. What a great motivator she is!

I had to run out and buy more potting soil and drainage materials before we could begin. Of course I came back with more bulbs than expected. The nursery gave me a big discount as well as an extra bag of mix and a bag of fritillarias too. We had great fun deciding what combinations to put together. We ended up with one mid sized pot and three large ones. We dug up some moss to protect the tops of each container too, and then placed them on shelves inside the garage for winter.

Monika was excited to make a winter foliage & berry container for our entryway.  We all clipped greens and pine cones and berries and dried grasses and blooms. Monika was very quick to assemble a gorgeous display for us and before leaving, was already planning a swag for above the windows.



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3 Responses to Fun Stuff!

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Great fun! Looking forward to seeing your pots of bulbs in the spring!

  2. says:

    the greetplant is exuberant

    yesterday was a great day to be outside. esp when you have tamarachs…are they not in their glory. is the creek still high?


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