A bit of color…before all turns to black & white

I woke up to black and white surroundings today.

But soon a bit of sunshine broke through. Thank goodness! Here’s what I saw this morning…. Some people call this “winter interest.”

2013-11-8snow3 2013-11-8snow4AutumnJoy 2013-11-8snow5hydrangea 2013-11-8snow6EuonymusEuropeus 2013-11-8snow7Dock 2013-11-8snow8swing 2013-11-8snow9heucheras 2013-11-8snow10Barn 2013-11-8snow11Creek 2013-11-8snow12RoseFoliage 2013-11-8snow13Berberis

A dozen or so juncos flew out of these hellebores as I approached2013-11-8snow14HelleboreBed

Honeysuckle lasts and lasts2013-11-8snow15Honeysuckle

Some Epimediums turn colour more than others2013-11-8snow16Epimediums...

Maybe there will still be time to cut back hostas….2013-11-8snow17frozenHostas

The astilbes still stand tall2013-11-8snow18AstilbesAndFoliage

The fern leaf Buckthorn still looks lovely2013-11-8snow19Buckthorn

We’ve started evenings by the fire already2013-11-8snow20wood*****


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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3 Responses to A bit of color…before all turns to black & white

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    It is beautiful. Stay warm!

  2. Asha. says:

    Gorgeous,but we can wait for the cold and for the snow, right?

  3. Elizabeth@dfeaton.com says:

    at last,,,white in the garden

    gusie is in Vietnam…hope the typhoon arrives after her departure….she send a photo of preperations which included stones on the roof

    debbie day yesterday…walking in the bush with henri wasn’t easy….slippery

    great photos no accumulations here.


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