Tending to the small jobs

Cold and clear tonight, 19 degrees predicted here. I enjoy the clear nights and the brightness of the moon and stars! The cold though is just not my favourite thing.

You see, I have outdoor jobs that I want to finish and I need the ground to be soft for just a day or two more.  I’d like to wrap the roses and mound them. I need to cage quite a few shrubs as well. I’d like to spread mulch around the base of the fruit trees… plant a few more bulbs too.

2013-11-12fernWe have a workman here to do odd jobs for two days. He would like to replace some wood edging along the central path of our vegetable garden. He may find a day to complete this task yet, but painting the garage door will simply have to wait until next spring. Then too, there’s wood to cut up with his chain saw and then stored in the barn.

How nice that a deep hole by the barn was filled with soil. A bird house was cleaned out for spring nesting, some tall plants cut back and carted to the burn pile, a window sill was replaced. A window frame on the barn was nailed back up, a couple of storm windows installed on the veranda too. Some indoor projects were tended to as well: water taps no longer drip, a few window screens are fastened more securely. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a chance to get some paint mixed up to match the spots that have been worked on:  a new electric outlet, a window sill patch….  It is so satisfying when many small things are done all at once! (The cats are not amused. They have been in hiding!)

The closets are a bit of a mess, with clothes for many seasons all jumbled together. I need to get busy with that…

I’m a bit greedy though. Once these odds & ends are completed, I’d love a few warm sunny days to sit back and feel ready for winter’s onslaught!



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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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One Response to Tending to the small jobs

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Lots going on at your house Marie! I could sure use a workman for a couple of days. Hope you get all your gardening chores completed. Predicted low of 27 here–I moved my houseplants back inside this afternoon. It should be relatively warm by the weekend though. It rarely stays cold very long in Atlanta.

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