Contact made with Malaysia!

I am sharing photos and videos sent from Malaysia today.  My son is participating in an OLPC conference in Malacca (spelled in various ways). While waiting for the opening day of meetings, several of the attendees are enjoying activities together…”stunning personal tours of Kuala Lumpur for 2 days in a row” I am told!

First of all, who is coming?
Some lovely photos and descriptions of attendees:

T.K.Kang meets Adam Holt : The first meetup.. Adam Holt was walking to my directiion and I was walking towards his direction. At KLIA airport Malaysia.
2013-11-14Adam-Malaysia1“LOL… raining like hell here but I did not have an umbrella over my head when I sleep. Hint … bring an umbrella to basecamp. More fun incidents unfolding with the US+Austria gang in their hotel ….”

“We met up and went out to a farm before going to the deployment site.”2013-11-14Adam-Malaysia3


At the future deployment site they are letting the children have a taste of the XOs before they go on school vacation.2013-11-14Adam-Malaysia42013-11-14Adam-Malaysia5Watch a few short videos of the kids exploring….

Part 1: Children are children.. anywhere. As usual they opened the XO faster than adults.

Part 2: They need a little help at times.

Part 3: XO pre-development test in an Orang Asli community:

Winding down the day beside the KLCC twin tower while we waited for Bernie who drove from Singapore to KL meet us immediately after landing in Singapore. What a way to end the site visit day! — with Adam Holt.
2013-11-14Adam-Malaysia7The conference begins on Friday.

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