Back at the farm…

Things outdoors are almost all tidied up here. Amazing! If there were to be another clear warmish day, I’m sure I could find a few more jobs to complete, but basically everything I was worrying about is DONE!

The rain barrels both split in August and we really need new ones. That is a job that can wait though. A few outdoor paint jobs can wait for Spring as well. There are a few more bulbs to plant, but not a big deal that…

The gutters are all cleaned out, most of the leaves are mowed and ground up. Roses are caged and mounded, but a few more shrubs need to be done too. Just a few things need to be burlapped. The central path of the vegetable garden has been spruced up.

2013-11-15VegGardnA few plant combos have surfaced and are appealing

Euphorbia with Clematis seed heads2013-11-15ClemSeedsEuphorbia

Old dying lilacs were removed (all too easily!) and the clematis which grew on them now need supports. I’ll figure that out in spring!

(This is NOT a photo of lilacs!)2013-11-15LilacsGone

There are lots of beautiful things to see before the snow falls…like the milkweed.




And the reflections in the water have been fun too:




There’s even Christmas color too!
2013-11-16berriesTomorrow the rains and thunderstorms begin, then flurries.

It’s good to have rain before winter descends.



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4 Responses to Back at the farm…

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Love your seed pods and the reflections!

  2. says:

    see you tonight

    i am grateful to have power after the night of winds


  3. “It’s good to have rain before winter descends”… That’s exactly what we have had and has led to freezing rain under about 1′ of snow… very treacherous for driving. Didn’t go out to Willow Wilde this weekend because of it.

  4. Sue says:

    It feels good when you finally get all the fall jobs to a point where it’s OK if you can wait until spring for the rest.

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