Things certainly change over time! Years ago I told friends that children weren’t going to change my life style. I would continue to travel and “simply” cart them along with us! That soon changed. Our first child, aged 9 days, went to Brazil with us – whereupon he developed stomach problems and needed surgery. Our lives changed drastically as a result.

A few years later…we are home owners with our little carpenter.

Similarly, in the garden I ridiculed those who planted shrubs and perennials unsuited to their growing zone. Why risk losing plants when there are many that do in fact suit the climate you live in? This was before garden addiction took over my life. I’m sure you too have seen the foolishness in your neighborhood: plants wrapped in burlap or chicken wire cages. Good grief! Gardens are supposed to be for beauty, aren’t they? Well, no. They are not only for beauty.

Gardens are often for the soul…and that means there are as many reasons for gardening as there are souls.  That also means, in my case, that the gnomes, those silly burlapped beings, have now invaded my garden. Utterly ridiculous!  Although I try to change my ways and grow more and more native plants, there are still those that tug at my  heart strings, those I lust for that just might thrive if only with a little added “protection”.

Ghasp! This is today… Is it really me doing this foolishness?

2013-11-22WinterPrep42013-11-22WinterPrep52013-11-22WinterPrep1 2013-11-22WinterPrep2 2013-11-22WinterPrep3 2013-11-22WinterPrep6
I confess, it is me…. But, it seems to me that nature does some pretty funny things all on her own too. I think water sprouts on our crabapple look silly too. Lovely tree, and I will prune them next spring, but for now, I’ll be looking at this Mowhawk haircut for the winter months.



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5 Responses to Ridiculous!

  1. That looks like a lot of work. I’m glad I was able to move to a climate where I don’t really have to protect anything though I did lose a few plants last year to even our mild freeze.

  2. I think you need to make a bunch of hats for the gnomes and then you can claim it’s art!

  3. Alice Jordon says:

    Ghosts have invaded your garden Marie!

  4. Sue says:

    So what is it you’re wrapping? The only plant I will protect (attempt) this winter is a Tetrapanax. Although I may lose some Agaves if I don’t move them from the garage to the house soon.

  5. Anise says:

    Thanks for your humorous confession! Mine is that I bought some rocks. I live in the Missouri Ozarks where rocks are everywhere. I thought people who bought them were nuts. Now I’ve bought a few to use for stepping stones but not without guilt.

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