The Year in Review

This will be my second attempt at showing highlight photos of the year. Hard to believe this blog has survived so long! Last year’s post ( ended with this thought:

Overall, a tough but fascinating year. I wonder what next year will bring!

It was another difficult year for us, but also full of delights. Here goes!

January 2013 in the garden


February 2013 in Rochester MinnesotaFeb21-2013View-from-Mayo-Clinic

February 2013 back to the farmFeb15-2013BeautifulDay

February 2013 with family in Edmonton as DSIL recovers from knee surgeryFeb-2013NoodlesC

March 2013, photos from our son in Haiti. Always a treat!8566855467_891205e3d1

April 2013 Surprises at the farmApril1-2013IrisInSnow

April 2013 nearby swansApril2-2013Swans-at-MurrayPond6

April 2013 lilacs- and so much more!April5-2013Lilac



Bloodroot emergesApril18-2013BloodrootStage1

Hepatica is a favoriteApril18-2013Hepatica3


May 2013 at the farm. How Canadian!May8-2013MapleLeafingOut

May 2013 in CalgaryMay14-2013Kiddos3

May 2013 Ivy in EdmontonMay14-2013Kiddos4

June 2013 in the garden – clematis OmoshiroJune2-2013C.Omoshiro2

DictamnusJune6-2013Dictamnus1Spotty Dotty: a June trilogy from the gardenJune7-2013SpottyDotty1 June12-2013SpottyDotty1 June27-2013SpottyDotty

June 2013 with family at the landJune26-2013AlbertaLand1

June 2013 with family at the North Country Fair

Fred Penner clowns with DHJuneEdmonton-2013RicAndFred

What a girl! Love Love Love her!June18-2013Fair8NewPlayArea

What a boy! Love Love Love him!JuneEdmonton-2013LeoEarsAtFair1

August 2013 – back at the farm in OntarioJuly11-2013Hollyhocks

August 2013 – at the farm: Ivy with her uncleAug9-2013AdamIvy

August 2013: A visit to Pasteur Silar’s orphanage in HaitiAug30-2013ShyGigglesSilar found this sweet fellow as a baby, abandoned in the water. His name is Moses. We played finger games together. What a charmer!Sept15-2013MosesFingerGame

September 2013: Reuniting with my friend Ruben in Croix des Bouquets, HaitiAug30-2013MagloireMeetup

September 2013: At Mission of Hope in Grand Goave.Sept4-2013ReadyForFinalPackUpA wonderful week of computer lessons with the children. We worked at teaching about newspapers and giving interviews – also about repairing the computers.


Sept4-2013ARHClass12 Sept4-2013ARHClass14

There were many unexpected difficulties, but the week was a success in spite of exhaustion!Sept15-2013MemoriesOfThisRoomChildren at play along the beachSept15-2013WalkBeachMy friends Elisabeth and Jeanide at the beach tooSept16-2013FavoritePhotos16Many wonderful memories!

October 2013 at the farm

A new Ginkgo tree2013-10-17Ginkgo1

October 2013 in the garden. Fall is in the air.2013-10-24SNOW5

November 2013: Phoebe Snow before her fall haircut2013-10-17Phoebe

December 2013 – before Leo’s haircutDec31-2013LeoHaircut01


Forrest Reed with beautiful eyes…and mischievous smiles.Dec31-2013Forrest

The December ice storm was wicked….and memorableDec31-2013IceStormDamage18Dec31-2013IceStormDamage15Definitely not a simple twelve photos. Even these hardly begin to tell the complex tale…. of events, relationships, health, nature and travel.

Happy 2014 to one and all!


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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3 Responses to The Year in Review

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    What a wonderful year you had Marie! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Deanne says:

    Love this! great series of pics Marie! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. says:

    such a rich life…this is ONE year. e

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