Some little girls just need to twirl in dresses. My granddaughter is one of them. That doesn’t mean she isn’t a bit of a tomboy though. She loves to wear pants with hoodies as well. And just about daily she has a NEED to play dress up in something from the dressup box, be it a ladybug, a unicorn, who knows what she might turn into? Her sense of color is fantastic and she proudly mixes a pink skirt with something else outrageous, then adds  rainbow coloured tights or boots!

A twirly dress in FebruaryFeb-2013-Edmonton3.5

May Day with ribbons and boots and face paintJune1-2013Ivy

Another twirly dress with fishies on itJune28-2013IvyHair1.5

The hoodie with tie dye shirt lookJan10-2014IvyInAugust

A sweater from NanaJune28-2013IvyHair5

A dress with elephants and polka dots for Father’s Day.June28-2013IvyFathersDay

Pajamas are always a warm option!July14-2013AlbertaCabin3

The elephant dress is popular for birthday parties too.Aug1-2013IvyJackParty1

A ladybug costumeAug3-2013IvyLadybug

A good tree climbing costume…Aug5-2013IvyClimbs1

Special twirly attire for a wedding!Jan7-2014AugustWedding1

Sometimes a hand drawn tattoo adds spice to things!2013-10-15IvyDraws

A helmet with a sleeveless red top and rainbow tights for bikingSept-2013IvyRidesTwoWheeler

A spiffy hat…Dec19-2013Edmonton2

Sequins and a touch of makeup for a partyDec19-2013Edmonton6Ivy

A free spirit, joyful and sweet in most any outfit!

(I’m certainly not biased!)


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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3 Responses to Twirling!

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    These pictures of your granddaughter are wonderful! They make me nostalgic for the days and times with our younger daughter. If there was anything that needed to be saved for a special time, I packed it away in my closet–Everything else was hers to grab and wear! She was so inventive! One day when she was about 9 she came stampiing in from the school bus and said
    “Why didn’t you tell me that stripes and plaids didn’t go together?” I asked her if she would have believed me and she agreed, probably not.

    I hope you feel better about the storm damage situation. We didn’t get as much snow as central Indiana but we’ve been in the deep freeze! If you get eggs which are cracked from beginning to freeze they are great just poached in homemade soup! The deer’s dark coats stand out strongly against the snow.

    Chris N.

  2. Reminds me very much of my daughter. Have fun!

  3. Alice Jordon says:

    Oh yes you are (biased that is)–you better be Nana! 🙂

    “A free spirit, joyful and sweet in most any outfit!” She sure is. She and Maisie would make quite the team–they remind me so much of each other.

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