Children and books and song….

Just an anectode that brought us pleasure…

Over the holidays we must have read books 100 times each day to the grandkids. The repetition was sometimes a bit much for me…especially Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey…but each time, the kids would detect something new in an illustration to comment upon. This is a gentle read and perfect for the 3 and 4 year old.  This is truly a classic, published the year before I was born! (Trivia question: Do you remember the name of the kind policeman in the story? Leo, age 3, certainly does!) Beautiful brown pencil drawings…no colors needed!
Among the most special books we brought them was one based on John Denver’s song, Country Roads.
 Illustrator Christopher Canyon brilliantly adapts John Denver’s famous song for children of all ages. By car, by pickup, and by motorcycle, a family goes up, down and around the hills of West Virginia, heading for a family reunion at Grandma and Grandpa’s country home! It’s all about country, it’s all about music, and it’s all about family.

My husband has sung this often at home as well as late into the night after long days at conferences, so he sang the book to them rather than reading it –  and they loved it. Many, many times! Magnificent detail in the pictures…
The other night, it was wonderful to hear my 4 year old granddaughter sing her version  to me on the phone, from memory….

Other versions too – of course!

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3 Responses to Children and books and song….

  1. Jack says:

    What? You are not speaking of Make Way For Ducklings with complete reverence? That was my all-time favorite children’s book — i.e., of the ones I read to my kids. The Boston connection obviously played a big part.

  2. gardenbug says:

    Oh Jack, that, even above Blueberries for Sal, was voted (by the kids) the absolute best. I think next time I’ll have to alternate authors. 20 times in a row is tough on this old gal! They now know more about Boston where their uncle lives. I should have mentioned the sculptures of the mallards….

  3. Mary Waind says:

    The same ones over and over again… I hear you, Marie, but… I LOVE children’s books. 🙂

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