My husband has a cold: week three….

In front of the wood stove there are 8 Economist magazines spread out on the coffee table, opened to various articles. They are interspersed with Kleenex boxes and used tissues. There are also decorative rolls of toilet paper on the couches and on a table where meals are served. My husband’s interest in food has been low, most unusual.

These days life is centered around this room in our house, between a bathroom and the kitchen. Phoebe the dog loves it. Her master is by her side night and day.


The cold itself is terrible, changing from coughing fits and a sore throat to congested lungs and now to painful ears. Each week the doctor prescribes new medications. The choices are limited due to the Parkinson’s medication which has helped him so much this last year. It takes longer to shake this nastiness when you have Parkinson’s disease, and some of the symptoms return, we hope briefly, while the virus attacks him.

My husband is at the stage where he can barely hear. This  affects his Sunday morning conference calls. He becomes the listener. It certainly affects me, who must yell out every important fact…as well as the unimportant ones.  I find it tedious. I play nurse and administer ear drops. We have been quite house bound due to weather. The ice prevents us from walking outdoors, from getting the cars out of the garage too. And so the garbage builds up for a later trip to the transfer station.

Naps, meals, medications, bedtime….all take place in this room. It’s a fine room, but it depresses me these days.


Although my husband is on sabbatical, the graduate students are concerned and phone me. “Is there any way we can help?” “Maybe we could shovel snow?” etc. It is very sweet of them.

I have become quite good at keeping the wood stove burning, carrying wood indoors from our stash on the front porch. I pick up groceries when we are in town to see the doctor.

This will end soon I expect. At least I hope so. The winter gloom is difficult without this added challenge. But the sun is shining this morning and the new bunch of yellow tulips in the kitchen makes me smile. Phoebe also enjoyed a good romp today, chasing a rabbit and a squirrel. Who knows tomorrow?


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One Response to My husband has a cold: week three….

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Tell Ric to get well soon! I love the Phoebe photo. How sweet of the grad students to offer to help.

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