Stir Crazy

This is the tough time of year for me. I hate to drive in snow and ice… even with my new car battery. My husband has been sick for over 3 weeks with a terrible cough and cold  and ear infections. I was not cut out for being a nurse…


There’s not as much bright sun as I need for general cheer either.

Outdoors, only snow and bunny tracksJan20-2014GBblog5BunnyTracks

I did manage a couple of hours visiting a friend on Friday. It felt like Independence Day! I talked her ears off, poor lady! That and a few phone calls with distant friends sure help. I’ve enjoyed finishing a library book and starting another.  I’ve placed a plant order too.

What occupies my time most though is keeping in contact with my kids and grandchildren. My daughter will be moving in a month or two, and she has so many decisions to make regarding selling their home, selecting a new home, job, schools and so on. I enjoy hearing all her updates and looking at new home possibilities.

As for our son, he is once again working this month in Haiti. I love his daily reports and photos, seeing the faces of my friends there! My special delight is seeing the books I sent down with the team from Unleash Kids to give to one friend’s school. My love of the kids and of children’s books is strong. (Take a look here:

I may need to plan our vegetable garden in the days to come. That and tree repairs from our ice storm will be top priority once the weather warms up. Until then, my indoor garden entertains me:

Amaryllis Jan20-2014GBblog2CliviaJan20-2014GBblog4Clivia


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to Stir Crazy

  1. Mary Waind says:

    Marie, your patient 🙂 is such a good sport, allowing you to launch him into cyberspace. Cheer up. The days are getting longer and spring will be here – sort of – in two months.

  2. Alice Jordon says:

    Hope Ric feels better soon. Is there anything more miserable than a sick man? I would be going stir crazy too! I have worked since the first of the year–tomorrow is my last day till Feb. 10. Looking forward to some time off.

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