Well, actually two of them.

In  a pensive moment by the fire tonight, I was thinking about my friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth and I share several things. Among them are the love of pets, gardening, and handiwork too. She is a weaver. I am a knitter. She is wise and kind. She is an avid reader and movie viewer. She is private, yet a very good friend to others, a good listener too. She has no children, but will be absorbed in the  tales and photos others share. At least I hope she is not pretending! We enjoy tea time together, and walks through gardens… and more. Hers is a large beautiful garden..on the wild side. I love it! Full of surprises through the warm seasons. We enjoy seeing the changes that take place in our small town, such as a new tea shop, a quirky clothing store, a bread bakery. We enjoy having lunch or a snack together. I miss her when she travels (or I do) and enjoy it when we can laugh together at the silly things in life… or rage at those things that should not happen. Visiting a nursery to lift our spirits in February, sharing October birthdays by buying exotic plants together, or simply buying tulips at the grocery store or going for a country drive –  these are special treats.


How odd that another friend is named Elizabeth as well. As I think of her, she too is fond of dogs and cats, but also horses. I got to know her through our mutual love of gardening.  Her gardens are thought out and well planned over time, yet reflect her personality. She too is a clever opinionated woman who sews.  And I mean this lady really know what she is doing: organized and knowledgeable. She too is wise and kind and creative. A good listener too. She loves to read books on history, English history in particular.  She and her husband enjoy theater as well as the occasional film. No children for her, but a desire to keep up with certain ones, even sharing special books from her youth with my grandchildren.  We too rage about the loss of our parents, important friends or a grandchild. But then too, we have a risqué side, and guffaw over foolishness as well. We have met only once (quite a few years ago for several days), but miss each other when life prevents us from communicating. We have just exchanged mail after a computer breakdown kept us apart for months. So nice to pick up where we left off!

I had never considered the similarities before. Each Elizabeth seems so different from the other.  How lucky I am to have both in my life!



About fromourisland

Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to Elizabeth

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    What would we do without friends?

  2. Mary Waind says:

    I’m in 100% agreement, Marie, with your kind regard for the first Elizabeth and I’m sure you’re right on for your second friend too 🙂

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