My aching feet….

I didn’t have my camera. But I’d like to remember this moment of my day. Let me share.

A friend and I went to have a pedicure today. I thought she deserved one.  After all, she has never experienced a pedicure before and what better thing to share on a blustery winter’s day? We voted to not go for color this time, just for smooth and soft. And it was fun and we both feel so good now. And surprise, we actually went to Walmart for this!

But next to me sat a wonderful older woman who was giggling. Now I certainly sympathize because the whole experience can be quite ticklish.  She knew to expect that part, and was enjoying it. Next to her was an older gentleman. Her son! He had come with her to spend the afternoon together and give her a treat.  I had to tell him he was wonderful. As I left he said he hoped the sun would follow me for the rest of my days. Now isn’t that something? I like to think the world is full of people caring so well for each other…. How many lonely old women do you know? Take one for a pedicure some day soon! Then go out for a cup of tea together and talk about the good old days…

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One Response to My aching feet….

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Never had a manicure or a pedicure. Guess I’m missing out. Thanks for the reminder–I think we’ll go out to lunch–more my style.

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