Planning this year’s vegetable garden

Something must be done to combat the winter gloom! We are running out of fire wood and the propane people are late once again in filling up our tank.  There are 10 acres of serious tree damage to clean up (at great expense) after ice storms, and the wildlife is munching happily on anything above the snow’s surface. They even eat roses and Berberis.

The drought reports from California don’t bode well for food prices which are already high.  I followed a blog report ( which lists five solid reasons to prepare well for a vegetable garden this year. As the author states, she “realized how Noah must have felt when he decided it might be a good time to build an ark.” Then too, that climate chaos I mentioned above is listed as one of her 5 big points.


I’m sold on having a garden. I even have seeds to start. (beets, Brussels sprouts, kale, chard, carrots, green beans, tomatoes…)  But I have concerns:

* I may need to travel before planting time, when danger of frost has ended. Who would care for the seedlings while I am away? (There is no way of knowing an exact date for my trip.)

* What vegetables make sense to grow? I have asparagus and rhubarb already.

* What vegetables freeze easily? (I hate cooking in August!)

* Apart from being beautiful, what do we really use! And will my garden truly be a money saver?

I have time to think this over before starting seeds. I think a party of gardening friends may be the solution! Then again, it just occurred to me that perhaps the garden could be planted at my travel destination, and not at my own home. Perhaps I could buy young vegetable plants upon my return… Lots to consider.



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