And So it Begins!

Ivy will be 5 in May. This week she has been traveling with her family, preparing for a big move to a new province. Although she is having a wonderful time, she definitely wants to be sure to be back home for her birthday!
In the meantime, the family is visiting lovely new places. Here is one of them.

March14-2014.IvyLeoForrestandParentsMarch14-2014.IvyLeo March14-2014.IvyLeo2 March14-2014WayneLast night Ivy wrote her very first story! “Once upon a time…” I hope there will be many more of these stories!


Tonight they hope to locate a hotel with an indoor pool. Lots of fun for all. Will they decide on a new home tomorrow? Such excitement!

To be continued….



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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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3 Responses to And So it Begins!

  1. Where is the move? British Columbia? The picture of the man walking away could have been my husband Ed in years ago. He’s more stooped now. We celebrated (still are celebrating) his
    89th birthday.

  2. Alice Jordon says:

    Hope they find a house they will be very happy in!

  3. Mary Waind says:

    Love the twisted roots, Marie. Trust your dear ones will find a perfect spot to put down their roots.

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