This old playhouse is on the property of a house my daughter and son-in-law hope to buy. It brings back memories of a playhouse I visited many years ago on a sheep farm in New York state. I was about 5 or 6 at the time and had never experienced anything like it. It was two stories tall with an interior staircase. There were two rooms downstairs. There were dishes and forks and spoons, a sink, and blankets as well. There were books too. It confused me. There was little imagination in my upbringing…and I wasn’t sure what to make of this place for children only. The ceilings were low and adults did not fit well inside.

I now think it would have been so wonderful, if only I had been a different kid! Ivy, my granddaughter, is the kid I would choose to have been. It would be lovely if this became her hideaway! She would have to share with her brothers, and I can imagine trouble there… but perhaps I don’t know them well enough. Maybe all three could learn to share wonders together. I hope so! I can imagine Indy and Pepper, the dogs, wanting to visit here as well. Malcolm the cat may have to remain indoors for safety’s sake.

There is also an old chicken coop to rebuild… Lots of excitement if things work out! If not, something else will appear and the seeds for a spot for a hide-away have been planted.


PS: Most of the inspections have been completed and they are keen to move ahead with the purchase. This is the view of the house. They can’t wait to get out there and make it home!

March22-2014QuadraHouseThe house has been inspected and it has many small things (dry wall, base boards, etc…) that need doing, and a couple of larger things (vent in attic, fan in bathrooms, dry out the basement), but overall nothing that is a large concern. It has LOTS of indoor space and 5 good-sized bedrooms! Even better, it’s on 7.4 acres, with lots of BIG trees! There are fruit trees (plum and pear for sure), and 2 large hazelnut trees. “Now I need some chickens and a veggie garden!!!”

And this is the barn. It is very solid and hasn’t had animals in it for years (“doesn’t smell at all”).

March22-2014QuadraBarnThey expect the fun to begin in early May, around the time of Ivy’s 5th birthday party.
Best wishes!


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2 Responses to Imagine!

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    I just hope the house is as wonderful as the playhouse and, if so, that they get it!

  2. That property has a lot of charm. I can see chickens there too!

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