April is the cruelest month

Well, in my opinion,  April is really the most mixed up of months.

We have had such a mix of weather and experiences this month. Just crazy! Planning for DH’s retirement,  listening to accounts of the very complicated house move for DD’s family, hearing about DS’s exotic work and travels…

Combine this with medical and dental appointments, lots of garden cleanup from the Christmas ice storm… WOW! Then major flooding, and today powerful winds that knocked over the bird feeders, alarming the dog.

On the bright side we have small flowers in bloom, tiny tips of Bloodroot emerging, and almost all the dirty snow has melted.

And so I’m here to share some update photos with you all:

Real life miracle survivor friends…one year later! March21-2014SueSharon

Warmth returnsApril6-2014SunnyDay6

The future playhouse for the grandchildren1981929_10152265232550255_318479720_n

Making memories before the moveApril9-2014

Sold and packing up….April11-2014Moving.5

New sweater ready for Ivy


Games made and laminated for the young ones. Some fun new books arrived for them as well.April10-2014Scavenger-Hunts

First bulbs emerge
April11-2014Snowdrops April11-2014WinterAconites

Flooding as the snow melts all around…April13-2014FloodingTowardHouse

The overflow channel where a muskrat was frightened awayApril13-2014FloodingOverflowChannel1

Lots of cleanup necessary this year… and so DH bought himself a chainsaw and some protective equipment.


And this because it is so beautiful!10013929_10151955491027522_6793402652551585310_nEvery day brings more excitement!


And then…today’s surpise.



About fromourisland

Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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3 Responses to April is the cruelest month

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Crazy weather here too–but not as crazy as yours!

  2. Jack says:

    I had not visited in a while, Gardenbug. So much happening in your world! Much of it good, some of it not, all of it posing the opportunity to make changes and learn from them. Good luck!

  3. gardenbug says:

    Still learning Jack! Thanks for dropping by!

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