Anticipating May

In terms of weather, everything is misty and mysterious here. I imagine things will clear up in the next few weeks, but it seems such a slow start to spring! Today was nasty and cold, but some pots of bulbs that were planted up late last fall are showing fresh new tips, and that is mighty exciting. Pansies and Violas survive this weather too!

April18-2014Pansies7On the sad side, many trees have been destroyed by the Christmas ice storm, mainly huge old willows, and those require immediate attention.


I have not made time to post enough lately. We have been ever so busy! First has been DH’s retirement which officially begins tomorrow.  “The last paycheck” he lamented over dinner tonight. We are still working on taxes (both US & Canadian) which are increasingly complex… ugh.

Then there is the end to his involvement in the organization he began over a dozen years ago to bring attention to the aggregate situation in Ontario (sand, stone and gravel). It is a difficult break. The letters from friends have been so touching….

Our “children” progress with their independence and pursuit of happiness. Our son has been attending conferences on laptop education and has been traveling through Italy, England, France….and onwards to Nepal. Communication is scant, and Mama always worries. Photos on Flikr are amazing though! How many can you stand?

14020694675_b4099eecc413982470166_b1fc9403cc 13997629246_229d41b83b 14002371402_2a494e4360 14002797881_3bb444fe46 14002857121_d03365d12c 14003278951_87fb6d5b96 14005998415_a8ba7977b5 14006285675_485ac2597f 14006383455_806b72e27a 14006429564_78422177af 14006525655_5a6a3450dd 14006869734_cf5e0a846e

Our daughter’s move to BC has been exciting and complicated…but the children have been happy throughout, which is a blessing. They helped select their new home, and so knew what to expect.  This coming weekend they should be moving in…and then repairs to the place begin in earnest. In the meantime they have visited playgrounds, checked out their new property with the magic playhouse and barn, been to the beach, bathed outdoors…all wonderful adventures.

IMG_20140423_190253 IMG_20140427_161050April29-2014ForrestPark April29-2014LeoParkApril29-2014KidsWallApril29-2014IvyForWallChecking out the loft of the barnApril29-2014IvyBarn Then inspecting an old bird nest. April29-2014IvyNest10262013_10152324482290255_6978711998936291684_nVery soon my husband travels to visit them in BC. Our son-in-law begins his new job soon, which will keep him on the ocean for 2 weeks each month. Then a week later I leave to join them too. We are timing our visits to help out with the grandchildren during DSIL’s absence, though we will get to visit a few days with him.

And when we return to Ontario, we expect that gardening season will begin immediately, starting with the vegetable garden. Do you think summer will happen this year?  😉



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2 Responses to Anticipating May

  1. Lee May says:

    This is such a fine account of a family putting down roots, traveling, learning, making transitions. You must be very happy and proud.

  2. Alice Jordon says:

    Just reading your post makes me tired! Major life changes for all!!! So glad the kids are happy–that makes everything else easier.

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