Moving Onward

We are trying to organize our lives…which means downsizing. We have sold the farm. By the end of September, we will be residents of British Columbia, living near our daughter’s family, watching the grandchildren grow.

This may be hard for you to believe, but even harder for us to imagine. We are busy throwing away more that 17 years worth of stuff, and the major and minor decisions are sometimes painful. But we are keeping in mind that life isn’t about stagnation, but meeting new opportunities. So off we go!

There may be new gardens, but even that isn’t certain. I’ll be back to painting and fixing the inside of the new place, and I imagine having little ones spend time with us too. There will be space for guests…that’s for sure.  We will be closer to the grocery store, but will need to take the ferry for major purchases and things like vet visits.

Living in the computer age means we will never be far from friends and family, even though the distances in miles will change.

I like Bonnie Raitt’s take on things: “Life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste.”

If I appear here very seldom, know that I am busy doing things I love!

Goodbye to the farm…

July2-2014FrontViewGoodbye to over 200 clematis…


But hello family!!!




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13 Responses to Moving Onward

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    You will love living near the grands! I don’t envy you sorting and packing–we’ve been here 17 years as well and the thought of picking up and moving is overwhelming. I bet you end up with a new garden but on a smaller, more manageable scale!

  2. Alison says:

    I moved from one side of the US to the other five years ago, and it was the best decision we ever made. It’s great that you are going to be near your daughter and grandkids! You will love gardening on the west coast.

  3. Deanne says:

    Big changes can be traumatic and difficult but they also can be such positive life changes. You are going to LOVE being close to your family.

  4. Sue says:

    I admire you for taking such a big step forward, Marie. Even I’m going to miss the farm.

  5. I had been wondering what a whole month plus with no postings from you meant! I’m not surprised that you’ve opted to be nearer family. I’m a little sorry for myself because I thought somehow that I might get to see you face to face–visit your farm.

    Our personal experience with British Columbia was to have a son attend Argenta Friends School, a short lived Quaker educational venture (1955-85?) in the Canadian Rockies on Kootenay Lake in the headwaters of the Columbia River. (1971-1973) We also attended the World’s Fair in Vancouver on a trip to visit Doug in Pt. Angeles, WA and Diana in Salem OR. Whereabouts will you be living?
    Your mention of ferries reminded me of a 75 mile trip we took on partially unpaved roads from Argenta to Revelstoke Nat’l Park which had four free ferries as part of the road in 1970 but only one in 1973 when Doug graduated. We saw 10 cars in the 75 mile trip!
    Here’s to your new life in your new location!

    Chris Nicholson

  6. gardenbug says:

    Oh Chris…You have until the end of September to buy your ticket and get a last glimpse. But already, as bookshelves and closets empty, the barn is cleaned out and things are gradually making it into boxes, it is not the place of my dreams any longer. Keep following along for the next chapter…and practice sending pictures too! We seem to share the Quaker/friend connection! Did i know that before? Well, my memory is not super, that’s for sure!

  7. Denise says:

    So excited for your, Marie!

  8. Mary Waind says:

    Wow, Marie! Big doings and a big hole you will leave in this community. The community you are moving to and your family hold the winning hand this time 😉

  9. I have been thinking of you lately Marie, and now I have a better understanding. Congratulations on embarking on this new and exciting venture. I do not know of any gardener who would not be jealous of your move to BC – which for many is the penultimate gardening paradise! Being closer to family – nothing can quite compare, especially with little hands and feet and a house filled with laughter!

    You have lovingly and laboriously created a paradise of your own here on the ‘farm’ and I can only hope that future residents will appreciate your brilliance. For many of us, yourself included, our gardens are an extension of our families. I know it will be difficult to walk away from, but when you are given the opportunity that you have embraced, I am sure most would follow suit. Best of luck on this new adventure. Hope our paths converge before you leave.

  10. Jack says:

    Thanks for your visit, Marie. Facing The Big Move must be daunting, but being near your daughter and her family will be well worth all the work that precedes it. Good luck!

    • gardenbug says:

      Thank you to each and everyone who visits me here! Not much time for posting at the moment, but i hope to resume soon!

  11. Monique says:’s Monique..I have no idea how I found you..I started a Google search and in the drop down menu Gardenbug..etc showed up..I clicked and here you are ..ready to embark on a wonderful adventure.
    Moving is NEVER fun..the whole process etc..
    But it is eventually all worth it.
    You know we live close to our children and grandchildren.It has been the most wonderful part of life having young ..happy..bright..funny children around us.
    Good for you!
    Your daughter’s new place looks as it it was meant for her beautiful family..the kids are adorable!
    You both look wonderful.
    I loved learning so many things from you at the farm.
    Betty still thrives.
    Thanks for everything..
    And much happiness to you all.

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