Where Have You Been?

The time has come to pack our bags and travel west. You wouldn’t believe the amount of accumulated clutter we have amassed over the past 17 years.  So far we have only thrown items away. I hope to fill boxes soon. No time really for blogging I’m afraid.

Fortunately I have friends who help with some of the decision making as regards what to do with guitar amplifiers, the piano, the plant lights, and the treadmill. We have more furniture than we will be able to deal with at our new place. There may be a “garage” sale in our future. Oh no!!!

But life goes on all the time that we are plugging away at these things. Our daughter has moved as well. They have many home renovations in progress too. Her stepson, age 15, has arrived for the month of August. Her new puppy (Salty) is growing and doing just what he should, namely befriending the chickens and protecting them. This is the year when her oldest child will likely be attending Kindergarten part time. A big step. She’ll love it and her teacher will love her too. What a big step!


Her middle child has become a lover of the nearby beach and now rides his two wheeler without assistance. Mastering this before his 4th birthday has made him very proud.

July10-2014LeoOnWheels1And the youngest, not quite two, loves playing with cars and making truck noises. He also loved visiting Daddy on his boat and helping him out.

As for our son, work has him dealing with foreign lands night and day it seems. There always seem to be crises…but then too, when there is progress with schools and their laptop programs it delights us all and helps many children all at once. There were several fortunate schools in Haiti this June, July and August!

One lovely friend was able to visit us at the farm last month and wrote up a blog entry of our clematis garden. What a treat to see our place through her eyes! Do take a look here and enjoy! 🙂


Thank you Helen!



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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to Where Have You Been?

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    I know you are going to love your new home and being near the grands (and Sarah and Wayne)! Love the pictures of the kids. Your friend’s blog just wonderful–loved all the pictures–especially the one of you!

  2. Jack says:

    Marie, I tense up at the thought of having to empty this big house some day. It seems full to the rafters! But, necessity has a way of getting us through these things. You will enjoy being out west when the time comes and will barely remember how hard it was to get in position to leave.

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