Settling In

We’re surrounded by boxes and workmen.


I need to learn the new garbage system and set things up for composting. Today is both rainy and sunny and I have been preparing meals for the troops. This is complicated because I cannot locate all the utensils.

Phoebe dog and the cats are doing well. Phoebe has made new friends.

My new helper in the garden has made a holding bed for the plants I brought. His name is Ryan. Tomorrow we plan on planting five trees.


Reed’s plant survived the journey and is placed out front.


Two rooms are freshly painted and two more are being worked on to create our new studies.


There is plaster work involved where closets were removed.


In the living room there will also be painting done. I think it will take us until Christmas to figure out all the light switches. Simple curtains are being figured out as well.


Last evening the school bus deposited Ivy here after school and we got to draw and read until the rest of the gang joined us for dinner. Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving together I am already thankful for all the help the kids have provided us!

We’ve even initiated the backyard sauna-



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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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5 Responses to Settling In

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Check out the beautiful ferns in the first pix. It is wonderful to be so close to the kids. So happy you have a good garden helper. Everything looks just great!!! I am very happy for the two of you.

    Happy Thanksgiving! (We will be in Moab, UT for our Thanksgiving.)

  2. Welcome to Pacific time Marie ! Your new home looks beautiful and so classic PNW as well.Very glad to hear the pets are settling in-these moves are often worse for them.

  3. Good to hear the move went well with all the plants etc. Your new home looks lovely Marie! Best wishes for the future!

  4. From what I can see I like the style of the house. And it looks like many of the plants are safely tucked in until you have time to give them a permanent home. I suspect you will like gardening in this much milder zone than you got used to.

    Nice to read that you have a helper for some of the heavy lifting. I wish I had one of those!

  5. Arlene says:

    Marie thanks for sharing your progress. I’m glad to hear that you’re settling in well and that so many plants survived. I am sure it’s a heartbreaking fraction of what you left behind after cultivating them for years.

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