A Sunny October Morning

We now live in a rainy environment. The workmen don’t seem to mind the wet so much, they are more used to it than I am!  Last evening we were out visiting DSIL’s boat and when we returned to the car, there was a slug crawling on the wondshield. My oh my….

The colors are changing on the Japanese maples every day. I am enjoying watching the variety.wpid-img_20141018_104607387.jpg

Elora2Quadra 181

The black stemmed bamboo is especially handsome in the rain.Elora2Quadra 173

We managed to organize an area for the firewood and compost. There seem to be tarps everywhere!Elora2Quadra 158

The plants in the holding area have started growing too. They enjoy all the humidity. The clematis,  ornamental grasses, and other perennials have new foliage and shoots. Here you see the Persicaria ‘golden arrow’ emerging.

Elora2Quadra 164

Yesterday some grasses and clematis were planted along with the lovely Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’ in this front area of the house. Work continues here…Elora2Quadra 154

Heathers are starting to bloom near the sauna and there’s an odd rhododendron with a bloom way beyond its usual time.Elora2Quadra 159Elora2Quadra 175

I couldn’t resist a small Callicarpa at Canadian Tire the other day. I had no success with these back in Ontario and hope they love this climate here!Elora2Quadra 171

I’m thinking about a possible secret path here later on with a tree or bench at the end around the bend. Elora2Quadra 161Our temperatures are expected to be around 55F all week long…with rain predicted for each day. That should make the mushrooms grow~!Elora2Quadra 172*****


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One Response to A Sunny October Morning

  1. dremadianne says:

    Wonderful trip around your new garden!!! The ferns you are going to be able to have! I see a number of them already. I’m so excited to watch how it all grows!

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