Goings on at the new home

An ordinary day here seems to involve rain, grandchildren, garden help, painters and even some woodwork. DH finds projects, and I plug away at emptying boxes, making meals and feeding pets.
Outside my study window the leaves have changed color.

Goings on at 1520 322

We enjoyed our first guest, our son’s friend who is on her way home to Taiwan. They enjoyed bike rides, walks and a tour of DSIL’s boat. We received a lovely note from her as she left.

Goings on at 1520 313

One of DH’s recent projects was the installation of a diningroom light fixture. This ended up being a three day job since the instructions were faulty and incomplete.¬† The idea was to replace three dangling red lights with a single unit.


The counter in the kitchen looked like this for days…Goings on at 1520 309

At last he succeeded! All it takes is a degree in engineering!Goings on at 1520 318

In the fireplace area, things looked quite chopped up to us with lines of color all about, so we are having this area unified a bit…same color.

Present (as of a few minutes ago!)001

My study has gone through a good bit of change as well. A closet was removed a rug removed, a lighter color of green paint applied. I found an inexpensive day bed for the small nook, a spot the grandchildren can enjoy.

Shots of progress, but still not complete. It will be November before flooring is installed.DSC05683 Goings on at 1520 314 Goings on at 1520 317

Our library room (That’s the present name for it!) has seen great change too. Here is part of things evolving there.DSC05623 DSC05679 Elora2Quadra 178 Goings on at 1520 324We have just heard that the flooring has arrived for all three rooms. Good news! It will still be a long while before DSIL returns and has time to work on it. But the excitement builds.

Tonight we go for dinner at our daughter’s place. We are testing the difference between store bought roasted chicken and her home grown variety.

Goings on at 1520 310

I’ll take along our last zucchini and some other goodies for the occasion. Our freezer is full of sea food and chicken and I am now getting nervous about power outages. Time to investigate generators!

The rain has begun and I will now go out to see how Ryan the gardener is enjoying his day.


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to Goings on at the new home

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    I just love all the big windows and the open feel. Things are really coning along well. I know you are ready for everything to be finished but it looks just great! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Know you are loving being near Sarah, Wayne and the grands!!!

  2. Deanne says:

    Nice, it’s all coming together Marie. Looking great

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