Mid-Week Fun!

These days you never know who will show up at our new house. Today, while DH was walking Phoebe, Mike and Ryan came to finish up some of the painting. Some of what seemed to be the smallest jobs turned out to be the most difficult and long lasting. And so today, after starting the job in early October, things are mostly done on that front! YEAH!

Later Johan arrived to work on wood details. It is exciting to see this come together. Here  you see the new book shelves. Each one looks like a painting to me!

MidWeekFun 033

This space will become a cupboard with a wooden door.MidWeekFun 034

There is also a small bench in the making.

Our real estate agent showed up with a lovely gift basket. Almost everything in the lovely basket was produced here on the island- from the bottle of wine, the packaged salmon, the pottery coffee mugs…to the bar of soap. He even gave us a frozen salmon he caught recently.

MidWeekFun 037

Then My friend Ryan showed up to continue with garden work. He planted a Japanese Maple, (Scolopendrifolium ) a cercis tree, also a Forest Pansy Cercis. He weeded in several spots, removed some ferns and a weak azalea. While clearing one area, he came across a newt. The red-bellied newt is a newt, native to coastal woodlands in northern California and southern Oregon, that is terrestrial for most of its life. I believe it is at its range limit here on Quadra Island.MidWeekFun 001

He does NOT enjoy being on his back.
MidWeekFun 006 Later, The family decided to visit the 75 acre Farm where Ryan and Jessica work to produce food for themselves and others. The kids were amazed by the size of their gardens and enjoyed running about and identifying vegetables.

MidWeekFun 025

The site is quite magical and the children enjoyed exploring the yurt where they live as well.MidWeekFun 024MidWeekFun 007

Inside.MidWeekFun 010 MidWeekFun 009

Indoors they have stored many kinds of squash.MidWeekFun 013 MidWeekFun 012

The kids chose a favorite to bring home…while I chose a few red onions.MidWeekFun 032

We walked about the site…over to the water view.MidWeekFun 023 MidWeekFun 020 MidWeekFun 017 MidWeekFun 014

Before heading out, the kids found a play area….MidWeekFun 030

I wonder who will visit tomorrow!



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