Friends visit!

Beautiful weather brought by good friends for their visit! We enjoyed walks to see snowcapped mountains, saw eagles and ravens, shared conversation and food, sunsets, a lighthouse, wild mushrooms, and more.

Our walk began with a search for elusive petroglyphs. We ended up finding a piece of a skeleton along the beach, but we aren’t sure what it might be. Later we took a woodland hike in ferns as tall as we are. What wonderful huge old old trees and wonderful vistas!

A later walk revealed a gorgeous sunset. After that, a dinner out near the beach.

Take a look at some of what we !saw

Friends on the beach….Hike-etc-006along-beachHike-etc-011stones Bluffs…Hike-etc-010bluffsSomeone tried to build a house…Hike-etc-003house-along-beachDriftwoodHike-etc-015driftwoodGusie finds a treasure Hike-etc-018skeletonHike-etc-020lighthouse Some of the mountains have snow on them already…Hike-etc-024boatwatchingA slippery trail with a rope handrailHike-etc-028SlipperyPathThree girl hikersHike-etc-037GirlsHikingMoss, soft too!Hike etc 066Three friendsHike-etc-041Three-friends Tall tall FernsHike-etc-044Fern-walkersHike-etc-058WoodsInSunHike-etc-049MoreFernsHike-etc-061MoreWoodsHike-etc-063mushroomUprooted treeHike-etc-064uprootedBFrosted leavesHike-etc-067FrostyLeavesThis is the first of many visits we hope!



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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to Friends visit!

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    It all looks wonderful!

  2. Very good photos! It seems to be very beautiful scenery where you love now. Love the houses on the other side of the strait (?) and the photo of the lighthouse.

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