The lived-in look

We are nearing the two month mark for living in our new home. There are still things that need work…like fixing an oven, repairing a leak, installing floor mouldings, unpacking books and organising tools in DH’s shop. But whenever we have a few moments on a rainy day, we are at the stage where we can hang pictures, photos or other delights from our past travels.

Here are some things we have installed that make things look like home, not just a different house.
A few of Mom’s favorite Carl Larsson picturesWalls-001bMom’s very favorite by Toshi YoshidaWalls-005b

A very loved work by Durer from 1502Walls-003b

Art work by my college friendWalls-002b

And by another friend who painted scenes from our old farmWalls-013b

A grouping of sentimental favoritesWalls-020b

But not all decorations need to be paintings. Here are some treasures we brought back from Haiti.
A group of musicians made from metalWalls-010b

Brightly painted tap-taps in our laundry roomWalls-007b

Useful container from my sister…Walls-008b

A shopping list is necessary when ferry rides are required for getting to the stores. (The kids like drawing here as well)Walls-006bOrganizing coats and dog leashes…Walls-009b

Nature supplies good decorations too.Walls-014bWe have reduced the number of things we hang…an attempt at decluttering. Who knows though, we may discover some great local art one day!



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4 Responses to The lived-in look

  1. chelone says:

    A charming home! And I applaud your effort at putting out the personal things that make your house a home, really makes a difference. I love the art piece over the fireplace! There seem to be some very pretty mouldings in your home, too. I am working on those touches, too. T-day today, and I’m feeling nostalgic and thankful for the bounty I enjoy daily.

  2. gardenbug says:

    Liz, the house is 22 years old but we are the second owners. The previous folk put lots of talent and energy into making this place and we are very lucky for that!
    Enjoy your bounty today! We celbrated Thanksgiving in October. Today I celebrate a new car muffler! 😉

  3. Arlene says:

    Hi Marie: I enjoyed catching up with your progress today. I love your wall hangings and mementos of your mom.

  4. Already two months in your new home,fantastic. Your new house looks really very lovely. Have read many of your posts about your new life! I wonder about the amount of timber on the shores, where do it come from? It is also very beautiful with all the diftwood. Happy to read that your mother liked the swedish painter Carl Larsson, his house and the interiors! His wife Karin Larsson was also a gifted painter and had studied art. She was Carl’s creative muse and was responsible (together with Carl of course) for ‘Lilla Hyttnäs’ light and lovely interiors! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in your new house.

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