A Path to a (future) Secret Spot…

Here’s an idea… in progress.

End-of-year-garden--Quadra-021bThis is the beginning of a small new path behind a shed in our garden. Let’s follow it a bit… around a bend.


And onward…

End-of-year-garden--Quadra-023bThe wood shavings peter out, but the path continues toward….

End-of-year-garden--Quadra-024ban old burn pile area in a very small clearing.  I hope to plant something here, perhaps put a bench beneath it, but still keeping it ferny and rather wild.


The path continues past a former compost pile to our holding bed.


Then it will sneak out into the back yard. At least that is the plan so far!


The grandkids like it already.
Do you have any ideas to add? (zone 7, shady and moist!)



About fromourisland

Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to A Path to a (future) Secret Spot…

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    I love it! Do you have deer on the island? If not, how about adding hostas.

  2. gardenbug says:

    Lots of deer, but there’s deer fencing here. That doesn’t mean the cougars and bears can’t climb it though…! But we hope not!!! There are a few hostas remaining here…

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