Granite Bay and Lucky Jim’s Gold Mine

Today we took the afternoon off from house projects and went for a drive to explore Granite Bay on the northern part of Quadra Island. At first we were a bit confused by the roads and the fact that Granite Bay is not a real town. That’s fine though, especially as we’d packed PB&J sandwiches.

On our return, we took a side trip to the former site of Lucky Jim’s Gold (silver & copper) mine. Phoebe enjoyed a trip where she could run free and test the water too.

It was a drizzly, foggy day at the bay, so the photos are quite dark. I wasn’t even sure that was a bird on the post until I checked this photo.

Granite-Bay-006.b The dock. Phoebe doesn’t like the ramp at all! Granite-Bay-001bOld homes and boats in the bay…..Granite-Bay-019b Granite-Bay-020b Granite-Bay-031b

Granite-Bay-003.bGranite-Bay-036b Granite-Bay-023bPhoebe ran, ears flying, to be included in a photo!Granite-Bay-022b Granite-Bay-025b Granite-Bay-011b Granite-Bay-013b Granite-Bay-014b After eating our sandwiches, we proceeded on.Granite-Bay-062b  Granite-Bay-045b


There are no markers, so we were glad we found the old equipment. Easy to miss the moss covered pieces.


Granite-Bay-048b Granite-Bay-049b  Granite-Bay-052.b  Granite-Bay-054b Granite-Bay-055b

And then we returned home along the winding roads, past the logging sites. We saw one person and perhaps 3 cars during the entire trip!



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One Response to Granite Bay and Lucky Jim’s Gold Mine

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Looks like all of you including Phoebe are enjoying your new home!

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