Exciting Season Begins. Nervous Though…

The plants have been sending up shoots and blooms, but the risk of frost is greater than ever here. Not sure how I will handle things in my new plant zone, but the challenges will soon begin. Meanwhile, I love what I am seeing! (February 12, 2015)



Helleboresclematis-begin-014b clematis-begin-013b


Heathersclematis-begin-011bYes, I even see the variegated Acanthus (Acanthus mollis Whitewater)  emerging outdoors.

The greatest excitement for me are the clematis showing signs of life. All these are potted treasures brought from Ontario. I hope they manage well!
clematis-begin-009b clematis-begin-007b clematis-begin-006b clematis-begin-003b clematis-begin-001b

I am told that April 28th will be the last frost date….



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One Response to Exciting Season Begins. Nervous Though…

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Everything looks healthy and happy Bug! Our last frost date is April 15. Predicted low of 17 this weekend. Burr!!!!

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