Sunny Out There!

A glorious day at last, though still soggy.  Sun means we can get some work done outside. Our daughter is building a fence to enclose a new vegetable garden, and so my husband dropped by to help a bit. They are hoping to discourage deer from entering the area. A neighbour with a sawmill is giving the odd bits of wood to use. I think it looks pretty neat!


They are about half done so fence and views 002

The kids enjoyed being outside playing in their fence and views 010new fence and views 008

Outdoors these hellebores from Ontario are planted and blooming. 🙂Feb13th-RCH-001b
I took a few other  photos as I returned from the library…new-fence-and-views-012bnew-fence-and-views-015bnew-fence-and-views-022bI’m looking forward to what tomorrow has to bring!




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5 Responses to Sunny Out There!

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Beautiful children, beautiful hellebore!

  2. What a beautiful place you have! I like the weather also. It’s below 10 degrees F. here in Eastern Indiana!

    • gardenbug says:

      So nice to hear from you Chris! This post is mostly at our daughter’s home….with a few shots of the area. I hope you are surviving this tough long winter! Our daughter is certainly not complaining about the change from Alberta’s winters!

  3. tezalizard says:

    Part of me is as green as your Helleborus with envy, the other part is loving this -25C weather back yonder in Fergus. The fence has a wonderfully rustic look and feel to it….. and so long as it does its job, it will be a great addition!

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