Old Friends

There’s something special about getting together periodically with friends from long ago. In this case, we knew these friends back in the late 1960s and have visited over the years. Our children knew each other a bit as infants. We visited them at their home in the Seattle area. So here we are in out seventies, still enjoying the great outdoors, chatting about our forty year old “kids” and now meeting grandchildren! Fortunately there is more to talk about than ailments! Our friends speak fluent Esperonto and attend Esperonto conferences world wide, meeting all sorts of fascinating people.  They have kept in touch with us during our years of working on improving the process of gravel extraction in Ontario. It truly is fun catching up with where life has lead us over time!

This visit involved exploring Quadra Island’s northeast shores. We visited the lake area where kayaking will be a pleasure with the kayak they have brought us. The weather was drizzly, but somehow I must say it was perfect!  Just look at the lighting here at the dock at Surge Narrows! 1503-13 Quadra Island

At this resort with its steep incline, DH and Arlyn take their cartography seriousdly.1503-11 Discovery Islands Lodge

DH crosses the bridge…1503-14 Quadra Island

Getting to know our grandchild, Ivy. She joined us for dinner.1503-16 Ivy

The following day we delivered the kayak to our daughter’s home. The kids were super excited with their new life vests and trying things out! IMG_20150312_094413621 IMG_20150312_100308396_HDR IMG_20150312_100729878 IMG_20150312_103640464

We visited other friends on the south side of the island, past the village of Cape Mudge. There we saw hundreds and hundreds of eagles in the sky… an amazing sight! We hiked down to the beach and even saw eagles very close up. Here I am walking down the cliff toward the beach.IMG_20150312_115213362

We did our share of eating out but also babysat the kids one evening so that DD and her husband could enjoy dinner out and a fun concert. We were fairly well matched with 4 adults and 3 children. They wanted about a dozen books read to them and puzzles and games played too. Only long time friends would put up with this sort of entertainment!


And now they are on to new adventures. We’ll certainly keep in touch, but not certain when the next meet-up will take place.



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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to Old Friends

  1. alice says:

    Fun visit! Were the eagles migrating?

  2. alice says:

    Just love auto correct! Were

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