Outdoor Work Advances…Then More Rain

This has been a very exciting week! Once new soil was moved to separate garden areas, young dude helper #1, Ryan, mixed ammendments  specifically for our soil.  DD Sarah had sent samples to a lab for testing.  Ryan is great at interpreting the figures and measuring things out…as well as spreading it evenly where needed. Then he and young Dude #2, Cory,  worked the soil gently with their magic tool so that everything was ready for planting.

“Who is that masked man?”


More work …  Garden-day-006b

Then using the cultivator…Garden-day-007b

Young Dude #2, Cory, moved more soil from the mountain to other areas that he had weeded.Garden-day-009bGarden-day-010bGarden-day-008b

We eventually began planting the following day: oakleaf hydrangeas, amsonia, etc…Garden-day-004b

Young Corylopsis move inGarden-day-005bGarden-day-008b

Then, four witch hazels, a Cornus mas…Garden-day-007bShade plants arrived bare root by mail: trout lilies,  dodecatheon, and more.

Meanwhile, there is loads of rain. There are also way too many plants waiting to go in the ground…



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One Response to Outdoor Work Advances…Then More Rain

  1. tezalizard says:

    Goodness me….. and now the ‘fun’ part begins. So many superbly divine plants that will be taking up residence Marie! And to think that they are getting the best possible chance, considering all the amendments and such that you painstakingly [well your lads] went to the trouble to eke out before hand. It cannot be anything short of a green success that I look forward to seeing documented here as the seasons and years pass. Rain……… we’re getting it here intermittently with snow showers as well! I should love the rainy, cool, dampness of the west coast!

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