A visit to Cortes Island

We have had friends visiting for a few days and enjoyed a trip to Cortes Island together yesterday. Cortes is a 45 minute ferry ride from our home on Quadra Island in British Columbia. It was not terribly sunny at the outset, but the clouds were beautiful against the layers of mountains.

Cortes-trip-001bHere we go!


 Two of us worry about sea sickness, but we managed very well. The water was calm.


At last we approached the dock. Cortes-trip-019b

We drove through sparsely inhabited woodland and reached a lovely resort where there was a little shop. We bought a map and watched 3 landscapers working on the grounds  preparing the place for the Easter weekend. There was rosemary in bloom, apple blossoms, daffodils, Mahonia and other colorful flowers.


Skunk Cabbage is peeking up in wet areas near streams and is a cheerful bright yellow. There was a great deal of blue periwinkle in bloom as well.

Cortes-trip-022bCortes-trip-026b Cortes-trip-028b Cortes-trip-030b Cortes-trip-034b Cortes-trip-036bCurrants

Love this middle goose!


We headed off to other beaches with no specific destinations in mind.

At this dock we looked at boats and then studied plants, shells, fungi and driftwood on a rocky beach.

Cortes-trip-042bCortes-trip-048b Cortes-trip-049b Cortes-trip-050b Cortes-trip-054b Cortes-trip-063bWe drove onward to find a picnic spot. It was now sunny. We met people who shucked fresh oysters for us, and later, were treated by seals popping up their heads to greet us. They were so close! We heard them before we saw them!

And then it was time to drive back to the ferry… and head home.

Cortes-trip-088bCortes-trip-098b  Cortes-trip-106bA lovely visit!



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One Response to A visit to Cortes Island

  1. Alice says:

    Looks like a wonderful day! Loved the wild flowers.

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