The Colours of Spring!

My spring gardens always seem to be packed with blue, yellow and white. Even here in the shade garden there are blue Hepaticas, Dodecatheon and Trout Lilies in white, and a yellow Epimedium.

This week the Kerria is performing well.

 This is a mystery Hosta which I quite like. I hope it does not change too much as it matures!

These Camassia buds appeared suddenly when the weather turned warm. They should be blue soon!

Forget-Me-Nots are a sure sign of spring. They are a little bit too enthusiastic here and I’ll need to remove many…along with Sweet Woodruff.

Just the right number of Bluebells showed up. I’m happy to have them.

I brought two kinds of Dictamnus to our garden, I think this is the pink variety.

This I am told is called “Glory-of-the-Snow.” I know it as Chinodoxa. I had never seen this white form before.

I am so happy that I was successful in bringing this Gillenia stipulata to BC! I LOVE IT!

This form of Rosemary claims to be 1 foot tall and 1 foot wide on its tag. But others say it is a creeping form, which means it could grow to 8 feet. I can only imagine which will be correct….

Shortly after our move I ordered Spring Green tulips and planted them in a pot. I intend to plant them near the Camassia after their foliage dies back..

The clematis are mostly happy with their moves. Some are a good four feet tall already. Two others are showing no signs of life so far. These two are from a mail order, so I’ll try to be patient….

This one is Tie Dye and seems to be healthy and happy.



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One Response to The Colours of Spring!

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Everything looks very happy!

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