The Secret Path, continued.

Some of you may recall the first installment, the start of a secret path in the shadiest part of our property. ( We’ve managed to move ahead a great deal in large part because of a very mild winter which allowed us to work quite steadily.  DH managed to repair the deer fence all around which makes us feel more secure about the plants lasting!

One of the features of this spot is the presence of Salal, Elderberries, Salmonberries and Huckleberries. The Salmonberries have lots of prickers and so we finally got that cleared up quite a bit this week. Now the ferns are the main feature which is quite nice and there are spots where Hostas and Hepatica and Primula grow. I love the bright green foliage of the Huckleberries. It will be a continuing battle with the prickers and lamium I’m sure.

One fairly large spot is covered in cardboard. We expect to cover this soon in sawdust and leave it to break down the weeds until next spring when we can plant more shade plants.

In another spot a small bench will be built. It’s all coming along nicely.

Follow along with me:

The Full Moon Maple on the left begins the trail…


Next spring this area will be planted. Right now I will probably add more cardboard as I find it. There’s a Witch Hazel Diane in the open spot.


Walking on past a few newly planted Hosta areas.


A bench is planned for the front right area.


This is the final bend in the path where three Corylopsis are planted. Quite a few dead Elderberries were removed here. There’s a support here for a clematis as well. I am hoping it will tolerate the lighting now that things have been cleared out.


The end of the path is largely planted and so the big wait begins.  I have never planted a big area from scratch  before, so I imagine there will be some adjustments over time.


The final step will involve sawdust covering of the path and the cardboard section. Lots of “wait and see”. It’s been fun!



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One Response to The Secret Path, continued.

  1. Alice says:

    What a great idea! I love all the ferns. We just covered and area with newspaper before we mulched it. Cardboard and news papers are great ways to control weeds!

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