Sunny Day in the Garden

I`ve been working on various paint & sanding projects today, mostly in the shop. I opened the door and put the young tomato plants in the sun for a few hours while I worked on repairs to an old chair. All but one of these belong to my daughter who is still preparing her vegetable garden. I also have broccoli and Brussel’s sprouts for her. (Turns out her goats are sensitive to the B.sprouts so not sure what will become of those.)


Then I stained the lower boards on the back of the house where the stain had vanished. I gave Phoebe the dog a beef bone to chew while I was working outside. After all that was cleaned up I went indoors for some fruit and a bagel…and noticed the bright red rhododendron right outside the kitchen door. Picked up my camera to show you.


I turned on the hose to sprinkle the new bed where plants have been parked. The bed will only be ready next spring, so I’m undecided on where to place these pots.


I snapped another rhodo for you and also wanted to share the emerging foliage on Cercis Forest Pansy.

May16-2015Garden-010b May16-2015Garden-015b*****


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3 Responses to Sunny Day in the Garden

  1. I love rhododendrons, especially red. You sure did a good day’s work.

  2. gardenbug says:

    My body feels it too Arlene.

  3. Alice says:

    You got your redbud! Yeah! I just love the rhododendron. Nice to have mature ones.

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