Well it was exciting when my garden helper first arrived and identified my garden plants. One little tree amidst the ferns and wild berries was a small dogwood tree.
Later I met a landscaper who told me that he had moved the dogwood for the previous owners because it wasn’t getting enough light.
I was dismayed when all the dogwoods began to bloom on our island, but mine was NOT. I examined it carefully and actually found minute flowers all over it, but they were green. I began to think that it would never get enough light to bloom.
Then, a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with the lady who runs the nearby nursery and she said dogwoods mostly begin the way mine seemed to be, and to have patience. So this past week I have been studying the small green flowers as they get bigger. Today I see that they actually have pink edging. I think I actually have a real dogwood now!





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3 Responses to Dogwood

  1. Alice says:

    I am pretty sure yours is a Kousa dogwood. Check it out. They bloom later than native dogwoods. It is beautiful!

  2. gardenbug says:

    I think you are right Alice! Kousa I suspect.

  3. chelone says:

    We have a lovely Kousa here on the Compound. I hunger for a pink one (Sutomi, I think). Ours flowers in June and performance has been uneven, although there’s no “zone creep”. Some years it’s breathtaking (and long lasting), other years it’s been meager… not in danger of dying, but just decidedly shy of “breathtaking”. I particularly like the variegated version, “Wolf Eyes”… waiting for same with pink bracts.

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