A Grandchild Activity Day: Petroglyphs

A friend of ours conducts a few classes each summer for the children through our local Community Centre. Today we joined six year old Ivy for one of these activities involving story telling and examination of petroglyphs along the beaches of Tsa Kwa Luten.We are looking toward Vancouver island.


Our group of youngsters, parents  and grandparents gathered on the bluffs to hear about the history of the area and the former native village site. It was a beautiful day and our meeting was timed perfectly to match low tide so that we could search for petroglyphs along the beach. Ivy was delighted when a classmate showed up and they hugged and held hands and scampered about together much of the time.

We certainly enjoyed ourselves and spent a very long time climbing over rocks and searching for the amazing pictographs. Our leader is very knowledgeable, and was able to tell us a great deal about each one. You need to stand far back to get a good sighting of each one. They believe there are 54 in all.


July-28-2015-Ivy-event-009b July-28-2015-Ivy-event-011b  This rock is thought to illustrate birds.July-28-2015-Ivy-event-019bIvy is a climber!

July-28-2015-Ivy-event-022b The rock below is thought to show a counting method… perhaps of fish & seals caught, perhaps of enemies killed,  perhaps of visitors. No one is certain.July-28-2015-Ivy-event-024b July-28-2015-Ivy-event-025b
All this activity  made everyone quite hungry, so carrots and cookies were served as we sat on logs along the beach. Some of us climbed back up the bluff on a creekside trail. Others retraced their steps. We met again at the top of the bluff to hear another tale from long ago, while several of the children dug into their backpacks for treats and lunch.



Walking back to the gazebo to hear more stories.


The stories are quite magical, but the plots are not what we are used to.

We then drove to the local museum in Cape Mudge. It is called the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre.

There we were able to see artifacts, but only a quick run through, before heading outside to make rubbings of petroglyphs – made of fiberglass. It is much harder work than this Nana realized. But the children loved it and attacked the challenge with gusto! Ivy made three rubbings and helped others make theirs too.

2015-07-28-petroglypyh-386b2015-07-28-petroglypyh-389b 2015-07-28-petroglypyh-400b 2015-07-28-petroglypyh-406b 2015-07-28-petroglypyh-418b 2015-07-28-petroglypyh-420b

A very fine day it was!



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3 Responses to A Grandchild Activity Day: Petroglyphs

  1. Alice says:

    How much fun!

  2. The photos will make a good memory aid for Ivy for a day well spent!

  3. Alice says:

    I just had time to look at every picture and read each caption. What a wonderful day! Loved all the pictures.

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