A Photo Story in the Garden

This is the story of a Cornus Kousa tree which grows at our new home. I have never had success growing this Cornus in the past, so I had no high expectations at our new home in British Columbia.

I noticed many dogwoods in bloom in our area in early April. When ours did nothing much, I was concerned. I talked to a lady at a small nearby nursery and she commented that I should be patient. Hmmm. I tried.

By mid April I noticed a few buds, certainly no flowers.

garden-April23-2015-016bI waited.

In May there were greenish blooms, very small ones.  Was my tree diseased?

By the middle of the month they got larger and more white…with a fine line of pink on their edges.
May-16,2015-002bMay-16,2015-004bPatience rewarded!

These blooms lasted a very very long time too! More than a month later, I photographed them turning pink. That was on June 25th!

June25-2015-003bGradually the petals fell to the ground…

It was in the first week of August that I noticed the fruit. I was really enjoying studying my small tree!

August7-2015-023bJust the other day I observed some of the green fruit changing color. It is now August 27th and once again I am enjoying a new phase. Not only the fruits but the stems are turning bright pink. What fun!




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3 Responses to A Photo Story in the Garden

  1. Barry says:

    A stunning ‘Kousa’ indeed Marie. I suspect they are happier with your cooler, wet seasons.

  2. Alice says:

    Love this photo essay!

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