Today we went to town to run errands, but also to visit the Fish Hatchery at Quinsam River. After the errands, the weather improved and it was partly sunny, a good time for our visit. There were plenty of seagulls and today there were two bears catching fish at the open gates of the dam.


The bear on the left is eating a salmon catch in the above shot. I tried to get a close-up.003b004b

The bear on the right is an old bear I am told. He moved over to an open gate to catch more fish. He was very patient.007b

He stood in the cold water waiting for his meal to jump up the waterfall.011b

Again I got a close-up.042b

Birds came up quite close .041b

The second bear wandered closer.027b026b

The old bear caught another fish, but did not share it.039b*****


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2 Responses to Bears!

  1. Alice says:

    Love your bears!

  2. Denis says:

    BIOUTUFOULE… heu…. Beautifull Bears!!! This is Wildlife!

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