The Best Month of the Year in the Garden

How I love a garden in the Fall! I love the grasses and asters, the light, the colors. Here are some shots on the first day of October.

I think this is my favorite ornamental grass… Panicum Cheyenne Sky

Molinia Caerulea variegataOct1-2015-029b

Love Gentians. Can’t beat their color!Oct1-2015-027b

Salvia Black and Blue blends with everything. I am hoping it lasts through winter outdoors in this climate. We’ll see.Oct1-2015-026b

This orange Wallflower has been blooming since early spring. Truly a non-stop plant!Oct1-2015-025b

Witch Hazels turn a lovely yellow at this time of year. If you look carefully, they have buds already.Oct1-2015-024b

Astrantia is giving us a second bloom.Oct1-2015-023b

In the holding bed are many part shade plants waiting for their permanent homes. Here are Pulmonaria, Tiarella, Ligularia…Oct1-2015-022b

We are still deciding what bulbs will be planted near the new bench.Oct1-2015-021b

Some of the ferns may go…or not. Decisions, decisions…Oct1-2015-020.b

Enjoying the Forest Pansy showing off its colors.Oct1-2015-016b

Fun color, but not yet Christmas!Oct1-2015-014b

Next year I will prune this aster way back at the end of June.Oct1-2015-012b

I love this Miscanthus…whichever one it is!Oct1-2015-009.b

This young Loropetalum is blooming again. It has done well, better than I expected!Oct1-2015-006bThere is still garden work to be done before a winter rest.



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One Response to The Best Month of the Year in the Garden

  1. Chelone says:

    It’s all just too pretty for words, ‘bug. Long light and a distinctly golden cast has overtaken the southern Maine coast. The weather is still wonderfully temperate and while it’ll come to an end, it’s OK. We have a few “landscaping projects” on the griddle and it will be fun to see them accomplished and anticipate the coming spring. I have a panicum (Prairie Sky, I think) that I just love for its handsome blue color. It’s a flopper, but prolly more because we have moist soil that tends to be a bit “rich” for most grasses.

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