Mid October in BC

Today is election day. I love this map!

12118731_1498284797164888_4907879372722115258_nInstead of biting my nails over the outcome of a tight and dirty race,  I thought I’d share some family updates.

I guess I’ll first admit that I am officially old, having celebrated my 73 birthday. Fortunately there was only one candle on my cake! But the exciting things no longer seem to be wrapped gifts.

Close to home, are the grandchildren. They frequently have sleepovers at our place. This is the angel Leo (5) who turns into a demon sometimes when awake. It is hard being a middle child!

Oct9-2015 003

Forrest, three, is dying for a sleepover. He’s not quite ready for it though, but he enjoys walks with his grandfather and having a hot chocolate together afterwards.

The oldest, Ivy, has lost 3 teeth and is delighted by the tooth fairy. She works at home on projects and other activities and attends school three  days per week. And so, she was especially delighted that her tooth, which had been dangling for a long time, finally came out at school so that she could celebrate the event with her friends. Here they are, Ivy is wearing green.

IMG_20151009_120439bIvy has been working on a project on mushrooms these days. She also recently went horse back riding and LOVED it.


Non edibles from Nana’s back yard.


Sarah has begun baking and selling bread at a small booth up at the road in front of their house. It’s quite the success! Ric and I enjoy the cinnamon buns warm from the oven. I enjoy her cheddar/jalpeno bread too. This week she began offering olive bread as well as the regular choices:

-Parmesan herb ( large small)
-whole wheat (large)
-Multigrain with sunflower (large)
-Multigrain (small)

Wayne made the super sign for her. 🙂
12032872_1498217710504930_7187869513911507380_o 12088553_1498217800504921_5306101009254441765_n 12096640_1498218317171536_5681679151795765775_n

Their barn and their mini-house both have new roofs. Lots of work, but a huge improvement.


From far away, Adam has been working in Haiti once again, a very quick surprise trip to help an orphanage. As usual, a difficult trip. After his return, he traveled to Toronto for a workshop and enjoyed celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving there. It is a treat to receive photos from him, especially these beauties showing him ‘relaxing’  with three friends! These were taken in New Hampshire at Mt Garfield.

aIEbhf2sfHu8HBjumWw91F8AUcZ__-Of43Oo6YRurEE0BiJ0s3gl=w1531-h862-noIMG_20151018_232611bFeeding a bird. I don’t know what kind.

077Snl6ITWp2Q0L_Qdk3A3NA-jciC1PNxkgaQp4ydo08Tfg853nL=w513-h910-noB692PWp09PPWbzRHyreso8raQ5a922kVYn3iLlii09KOmg5IgsRag=w1531-h862-no 6LB49vcyDvgO3IyVBhOYLAJq1IJJv8q6G40RkThdBwZo7LcOX_lD=w1531-h862-noB IMG_20151018_232951b


They only climbed about 900 meters, but note the summer-to-arctic transformation!

As for the old folks, Ric has been practicing for his group’s Christmas concert. He sings bass for the first time. They are really short of male voices.

As for me, I’m always making changes in the garden. The bulbs are all planted now. I always wish I’d planted more come spring.



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2 Responses to Mid October in BC

  1. Alice says:

    Such a wonderful post Marie! Thank you for the updates on the family. It looks like everyone is thriving!

  2. Hi Marie, I enjoyed getting your post today. We both are enjoying our callicarpa bushes. We have had our first frosty nights. Congratulations on having your birthday. I’ve got 10+ on you with #84 coming up on Nov. 3–Local Mayor election day. Our life has slowed down a lot. Ed’s had serious health issues since August of 2014. Our kids are very helpful but 3 live far away
    (Salem, OR, Seattle, and Greensboro, NC. They have gotten in. Ed celebrated his 90th birthday
    March 2015 feeling pretty well–big party with 90+ people present –35 relatives. With a visiting
    daughter I was able today to rake and be out in October’s bright blue weather this afternoon.
    We’re still on our farm on the city limit line. Love, Chris Nicholson, Richmond, IN

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