The New Year- 2016 begins!

Much as 2015 was a very good year, as we reached the end, I was getting tired of it and wanted CHANGE! The gardens had been mostly put to bed and that is a gloomy time for me. Add to that my need for cataract surgery (making driving with kids unwise), the surgery needing to be delayed, my husband’s change in Parkinson’s medication…well I was less than cheery.

Next was the neighbour removing a huge amount of privacy forest to build a new home.  Sigh. We had just planted a large shade garden before their work began without warning.  I think this will eventually work out, but soon after the trees were downed, a storm caused trees on our property to fall. One of the large ones prevented us from leaving our property and also broke the power lines.  All this is pretty much cleared up and I am looking ahead to spring planting and watching new plants emerge.

The neighbours clear their land for building a new home.IMG_20151202_124206508b

Trees fall during a storm, cutting power lines and blocking our exit.IMG_20151207_084030611b

We now have a bit of sunlight in our backyard, a mixed blessing.Jan3-2016-001b

We have had our share of rain and cold. Today we have sunshine (which I love!) but it remains quite cold.Jan4-2016-003b

January is the time for early seed starting and plant orders. I have been doing my research on “must haves”  and enjoying every minute of it!



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5 Responses to The New Year- 2016 begins!

  1. Alice says:

    I know you will be happy when your cataract surgery is behind you! It is really a shame about the woods being cleared for a new home. Will your shade garden need to be moved?

  2. It must have been heartbreaking, watching the murder of all those gorgeous trees. Hopefully you’ll have very nice neighbors. I’ve already placed two plant orders and I’m SO looking forward to gardening weather. Here’s to a fantastic 2016.

  3. Anise Butler says:

    Good to see you back Bug. I love reading about your family and what you are doing in the garden.

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