We lived on ten acres in rural Ontario until the fall of 2014.  We’re now exploring island living in British Columbia.

Gardening has been a major part of my life for many decades. Plant addiction has not waned, though more and more help is needed with heavy tasks since my 70th birthday has come and gone.

In addition to clematis and shade gardening, you may occasionally find grandchildren featured as well as photos from our world traveling son.


7 Responses to About

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    I just found your contribution to September Bloom day. I feel as if I’m finding a reflection of our life and place. Our 14 acre farm remnant is now in historic easement. We are located on the edge of town with our country style mailbox at the top of the hill about 600 feet away all uphill from our hidden valley with its 1830-40 farmhouse and the 1850 all pegged English style barn.
    Our original 144 acres now includes development, a 43 acre Nature preserve under the care of
    Whitewater Land Trust, and our 14 acre remnant. (plus the lots in the last developed section which have been available for 4 years now but not selling much in the downturn.)

    You mention approaching 70. I was 80 last fall and my 87 year old husband still enjoys the flatish mowing on the unsold lots. Fortunately we have help with the rougher areas ..
    I too plan regularly for new things I want to grow.–can’t seem to stop.

    The thing I don’t seem to be able to learn is how to handle camera and computer together to record the lovely surrounds. Our granddaughter helps and maybe I can get some assistance from her.

    I appreciated your sharing about the scary experience of your husband and son. Thank goodness it turned out the way it did.

    Chris Nicholson, Richmond, Indiana

    • How fun to discover a virtual twin!
      My computer is “in the shop“ now, but please join in again Chris when I get back to posting. I hope your granddaughter will help guide you to posting photos!

  2. Jack says:

    Is this blog’s author Gardenbug a/k/a Marie? There have been many interesting comments recently on my Hartford Daily Photo blog by Gardenbug and Marie, but the blogger profiles for these names do not indicate a website or blog for those two persons. I stumbled across this blog when looking at Idyll Haven, another Connecticut blog written by Sue, but this blog does not list its author. You’re hiding in plain sight!!

  3. gardenbug says:

    It is I! Rather new to blogging and a total incompetent when it comes to computing. Perhaps my husband can help me correct this situation you described. 😉 Love your photos Jack: architecture, people, and so much more! I have a resolution to add on to my older blog, http://buildingaschool.wordpress.com/ which deals with news of Haiti. With https://gardenbugworld.wordpress.com/ I write a little about our small farm, family and other musings.

  4. Lianna says:

    I saw your comment about your Crepe Mrytle tree on another site.
    Where did you buy your tree? I am in the gta and would like to try growing them.

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