The Farm in Mid-August

The drought seems to have passed at last and mowing is back on the agenda when things dry out a bit! I’m not convinced that the water has reached deeply, but at least we have had some honest rain.


Here are some highlights.

The re-blooming of several clematis:


C. White Swan

And from a dear friend…

C.Forever Friends


And in no particular order…gentians!


Verbena bonariensis with Overdam

White Swan Echinacea with a darkening beauty (senior moment here…)

Crocosmia is a show stopper. I like the bright orange!

Nearby I like to pair this with burgundy Angelica gigas.

August is usually the season for blackberry lily (formerly Belamcanda chinensis and is now Iris domestica) and candy lily (which was xPardancanda norrisii and now Iris norrisii) They are both finished here this year and were too difficult to photograph. 😦

Hostas are thriving now!

Hosta plantaginea – and oh – The scent!!!

Return of the roses (some without their ID)

The Alexandra Rose

Sedums of all sorts in different stages:

Autumn Joy

I have a Vitex plant which is showing off right now. It is ever so slow to return in our Canadian climate, but how I love it!

Some of the phlox have finished blooming, but the Tall Pink garden phlox is in full form now.

I am a fan of the “feelings” series of phlox that do not fully open. These are enhancing the barn garden now.

Phlox with Hydrangea Limelight

Good old Rudbeckia goldstrum is glowing now

Ligularias also add bright spots.

Curly foliage form

Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford

And in shady parts there is tricyrtis


A Pinellia re-bloomed

Pinellia tripartita ‘Atropurpurea’

and Cardinal Flower

Anemonopsis macrophylla has been glorious this summer

A few new wonders look promising.

Cercis ‘little woody’ which should only reach about 8 feet tall

Another recent addition

Leycesteria Golden Lanterns

This next plant should also reach about 8′ in height. It is just a one year old  baby now.

Phytolacca americana ‘Silberstein’

I must conclude with this year’s highlight in the vegetable garden. So sweet and delicious…made into many a tomato tart!

There was also a single artichoke from a crop of 11 plants grown from seed. The foliage is lovely thank goodness!

This post will be linked to more August garden blogs. Check out the list of other participants in this month’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day at Carol’s main GBBD post at May Dreams Gardens. Thanks for the visit!


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2 Responses to The Farm in Mid-August

  1. How wonderful Marie! I’ve always loved your combo with Goldsturm and Physocarpus. I wish I had the room to let mine get to that fabulous size and form. Is that Leycesteria hardy for you? I bought one this spring but thought they weren’t hardy in our zone. Every time I see L. ‘Britt Marie Crawford’ grown to such beauty as yours and Sue’s I’m determined to re site mine and find a spot they’ll achieve the stature of yours. wonderful, all of it

  2. Rose says:

    So many lovely blooms! The crocosmia is gorgeous–I’ve never had any luck with the ones I’ve planted. And all your clematis–wow!

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