Sunny Saturday

Saturday turned into a sunny cool day. We had expected rain and so were delighted and decided to take a drive and a short walk with Phoebe.

The Japanese maple in the front yard sparkled with dew, a jewel tree!Saturday-walk-001b

We walked along the rocky beach and saw the clouds on the mountains, logs in the water too. Saturday-walk-005bSaturday-walk-020b Saturday-walk-018b

The ferry boat passed by Read Island.Saturday-walk-016b Saturday-walk-012b Saturday-walk-011bCormorants were enjoying the sun as well.Saturday-walk-010b Saturday-walk-009b Saturday-walk-008b

The driftwood is always an attraction too.Saturday-walk-024b

We drove through wooded areas, saw beautiful autumn trees and came home by way of Ivy and Leo’s school.Saturday-walk-023bSaturday-walk-027bSaturday-walk-029b*****



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Ling Ling

Horticultural gifts are always a treat for me, but given my new plant zone (about zone 7) any plant is an unfamiliar surprise . (I recently moved from zone 5) So imagine my delight when Ling Ling (the panda Asarum) arrived! He is already planted outdoors in a pot near the front door. Take a look!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMine has but one bloom so far. This photo is from Google.



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Hear See Speak

No evil here!



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Shellalligan Pass Trail

Another lovely walk today…with Phoebe dog. Here we found some divers setting off to inspect these small islands…SaturdayWalkNov15-005BSaturdayWalkNov15-002B SaturdayWalkNov15-003B SaturdayWalkNov15-004B SaturdayWalkNov15-006B

Snapped this guy just before my camera battery died. I had hoped to get closer.SaturdayWalkNov15-009B

Love hoarfrost!SaturdayWalkNov15-015B SaturdayWalkNov15-016B SaturdayWalkNov15-017B SaturdayWalkNov15-018B SaturdayWalkNov15-019.5B SaturdayWalkNov15-019B SaturdayWalkNov15-020B

The last of the salmon running… and lots of dead ones.SaturdayWalkNov15-021B

The gulls having a feast in the distance…SaturdayWalkNov15-022BIt was another beautiful sunny day. Rain is predicted for next week.


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Friends visit!

Beautiful weather brought by good friends for their visit! We enjoyed walks to see snowcapped mountains, saw eagles and ravens, shared conversation and food, sunsets, a lighthouse, wild mushrooms, and more.

Our walk began with a search for elusive petroglyphs. We ended up finding a piece of a skeleton along the beach, but we aren’t sure what it might be. Later we took a woodland hike in ferns as tall as we are. What wonderful huge old old trees and wonderful vistas!

A later walk revealed a gorgeous sunset. After that, a dinner out near the beach.

Take a look at some of what we !saw

Friends on the beach….Hike-etc-006along-beachHike-etc-011stones Bluffs…Hike-etc-010bluffsSomeone tried to build a house…Hike-etc-003house-along-beachDriftwoodHike-etc-015driftwoodGusie finds a treasure Hike-etc-018skeletonHike-etc-020lighthouse Some of the mountains have snow on them already…Hike-etc-024boatwatchingA slippery trail with a rope handrailHike-etc-028SlipperyPathThree girl hikersHike-etc-037GirlsHikingMoss, soft too!Hike etc 066Three friendsHike-etc-041Three-friends Tall tall FernsHike-etc-044Fern-walkersHike-etc-058WoodsInSunHike-etc-049MoreFernsHike-etc-061MoreWoodsHike-etc-063mushroomUprooted treeHike-etc-064uprootedBFrosted leavesHike-etc-067FrostyLeavesThis is the first of many visits we hope!


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Walking With the Grandchildren

We took advantage of a lovely sunny afternoon today and walked along Rebecca Spit here on Quadra Island. The leaves are mostly yellow and falling. They still look lovely against the dark evergreens.  We could see quite far into the distance where Read and Cortes Islands appear.  Both Phoebe and Indy dogs joined us and both had a wonderful time meeting other pooches along the way.

Some scenes along the way….

Walk on the Spit 003Walk on the Spit 004 Walk on the Spit 006 Leo writes his name…Walk on the Spit 009Dogs run freeWalk on the Spit 010 Walk on the Spit 012 Walk on the Spit 013The girls meet a WestieWalk on the Spit 014Walk on the Spit 015 Walk on the Spit 018 Walk on the Spit 025 Walk on the Spit 026 Walk on the Spit 027 Walk on the Spit 029 Walk on the Spit 030Phoebe drinks salt water…Walk on the Spit 031Inspecting mossesWalk on the Spit 032 Walk on the Spit 033 Walk on the Spit 034Leo finds a driftwood chairWalk on the Spit 035 Walk on the Spit 038 Walk on the Spit 039 Walk on the Spit 042 Walk on the Spit 043Leo watches the ferry from Cortes IslandWalk on the Spit 045A bird watches the ferry tooWalk on the Spit 047Walk on the Spit 048 Walk on the Spit 049 Walk on the Spit 051 Walk on the Spit 052 Walk on the Spit 053

It took five people to encircle this tree trunk. (Leo is behind)Walk on the Spit 054

And then it was time to head home for dinner


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Color in the Garden


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