Joshua Tree National Park

My world traveling son is in California and managed to carve out two days of adventure time for himself. Backpack on his back, GPS and camera in hand, he was off on a 42 mile (67kilometer) solo hike. I cannot share the names of the plants, but I think you can enjoy the beauty. He said the temperature was perfect.

Joshua trees8633834725_d9b83c8f148633827175_6a8871931eA jumping cholla cactus in the foreground8633811877_2d77334e8a


Yucca plant8634873584_146a3c6bfePrickly pear8633728261_66c5719cf4Another variety of prickly pear8634826174_3caf029dc4

         Echinocereus triglochidiatus. Hedgehog cactus, claret cup or king cup are some of the common names.8634820262_3eba2c21a8 8634843994_148f7781cf

8633744347_e2b681dc548634797178_01afbdbbfb 8633679513_31bdd72011 8633681505_798653af348634781020_cb936cd3058633676077_883c4414d58633668773_546b5955bc8633659529_695b7d62e48634758948_89e81feac08633649131_ce322e95878634772374_0823aef095 8633645561_d19a6c23b0 8634742648_e408e5d28f8633634657_81238a3b298633602697_afdd3540e68634686260_0aca188ff28634671466_637fce2acb8633550225_4a1760f4148634654278_bf621ea3588634641788_5f17b6cae48633562725_4909a8e77b8633545017_7f6c6e7cf2

That’s the end of the trail for today!


I left my heart in Haiti… They tell me I’ll never get it back! Do visit updates here as well!


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4 Responses to Joshua Tree National Park

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! I wish I could go on a 60 mile solo hike! I don’t think I’d make it that far in 2 days, though!

  2. Alice Jordon says:

    Spectacular! I can help you with some names. The first few pictures are joshua trees. Picture 4 (foreground) is a jumping cholla cactus. Picture 8 is yucca, and 9 and 10 are different types of prickly pear. 12 is possibly a century plant but I’m far from sure on that one. DH and I just love the desert–I’d love to be there when the cactus are blooming. Be sure and tell Adam I just love his pictures!

  3. Just visited for the first time back at New Years and couldn’t believe I had put it off for so long. Really magical place. Watch out for those Cholla cacti. They are pretty to look at but you do not want one jumping on you!

  4. The red flowered cactis are Echinocereus triglochidiatus. Hedgehog cactus, claret cup or king cup are some of the common names. I have had a thornless variety for years now that has yet to bloom for me. Maybe this will be the year.

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